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About Zoechat
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Thanks for checking out Zoechat Social Media. Whether you found us via our founder Lloyd Gaetano , from an article or just a friend trying to escape the clutches of Big Social, you’re very welcome here. 

So, what’s it all about?

Zoechat Social Media is called that because it started out as a news/blog site. Over time, we realised that the internet’s problems with clickbait and fake news don’t come from journalism – they come from the business models of the social networks disseminating articles to the public.

A work in progress

We’re a small team, funded entirely by donations from the public. We’re focusing on getting the site’s functionality perfect first, and proving our concept. That means it’s not the most beautiful social network you’ve ever seen but we have a mobile app, but don’t forget that the glossy veneer of the big guys hides a multitude of sins including hate speech and violence.

We don’t know about you, but we’d rather hang out in a janky place with great people than a beautiful room full of liars.

Who we are

Led by Lloyd Gaetano, founder of, our team also includes his Team Members.