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Meru assembly leaders disown MCAs fresh bid to impeach Mwangaza

Meru county assembly leaders have disowned a fresh bid to impeach Governor Kawira Mwangaza and instead declared their total support for the county chief.

Meru county assembly leaders have disowned a fresh bid to impeach Governor Kawira Mwangaza and instead declared their total support for the county chief.

Some MCAs led by deputy speaker Ali Mwenda and minority leader Mwenda Ithili had early protested against what they called dictatorship and failure to change her ways despite last years impeachment attempt.

They threatened to initiate a fresh bid to kick the governor out of office.

But some MCAs led by majority leader Evans Mawira and majority whip Jim Muchui said they had no plans, agenda or thoughts of impeaching Mwangaza.

They said the impeachment threats by a few members should not be construed to mean the whole House is behind such moves.

"All the 60 MCAs out of 69 support Governor Mwangaza. We have no reason to think of impeaching her," Mawira said.

The MCAs also warned Meru MPs against politicising and splitting the county.

Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi and his Igembe South counterpart John Paul Mwirigi have been at the forefront of suggesting for the splitting of Meru county into Nyambene and Imenti counties.

"Our constitution is very clear that if you want to add an extra count you need a referendum. Meru people voted for six seats and are eager to benefit. The MPs should present amendment motions to the National Assembly and Senate, he said.

The MCAs defended Governor Mwangaza on allegations that she has been championing developments in the Imenti region while ignoring the Nyambene region.

MCAs are entitled to oversight the county executive and the MPs should not whip political emotions but stick to the law. Let all elected leaders do their work, let the MPs do their job at the national government and give us a chance to do our work at the county government level," Muchui, the Athwana MCA said.

"We stand for a united Meru so that it will be easier to lobby and reap fruits of developments from the national government."

Muchui said that the county is united more than ever before and if there will be any kind of dispute, they will embrace alternative dispute resolution to prosper the county for the next five years.

Kiirua Naari MCA Jenifer Murogocho said where there are feuds residents should not expect developments.

Governor Mwangaza survived an impeachment last year after senators rejected all grounds labeled against her by MCAs.

On Tuesday deputy speaker Ali Mwenda read a riot act to the governor for what he termed as dictatorship and failure to change her ways.

"DP Rigathi Gachagua should come back to Meru and do follow-ups on the mediation talks. The governor has started again. She has become a thorn in everybody's flesh. Her leadership style has a lot of questions to us the people of Meru and more so to us MCAs," Mwenda said.

"She is vilifying everybody and picking unnecessary fights with elected leaders."

Mwenda also claimed that the county secretary is acting beyond her mandate and county staff and other leaders are operating in fear of the governor and many people feel intimidated.

Minority leader Mwenda Ithili said the decision by the county government of Meru to send the County Public Service Board home was uncalled and Meru people will lose money if those sacked will sue for unlawful dismissal.

"The governor should know she is not the only leader in Meru, she should respect other leaders," Ithili said.

About ten MCAS are publicly supporting calls to send Mwangaza home.

"Others are going to come in. They are not willing to publicly declare their stand because of fear of being victimised. When they will come out the whole county will know what is happening in Meru," Ithili said.

Mwenda Kiriiinya (nominated MCA) said the deputy governor should be given a portfolio.

"He was elected the same way the governor was elected. I think Mwangaza won because of her deputy. That is why she got votes from Nyambene," Kiriinya said.


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